Truly This Must Be Heaven!
An Introduction to
Morgan Blue Town
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The history of Morgan Records and Morgan Blue Town Records is an interesting one. Morgan Records was originally set up in 1968 by Monty Babson and Barry Morgan. The pair had in fact been working together for a while constructing the now legendary Morgan Sound Recording Studios based at 169, High Road, Willesden in London. The studio took shape after Monty Babson had started to receive royalty cheques from Germany and France for The Smoke hit “My Friend Jack” which Monty had licensed out via his Morgan Music publishing company.
The Morgan studio was to become the place to record during the late sixties and seventies with bands/artists like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Kinks, Bowie, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones passing through the doors to the various studios.
Early 1968 saw the birth of the Morgan Records label which featured London pop music as well as middle of the road vocal and instrumental music but following an initial batch of releases Monty Babson felt the label needed to feature more of the music that was taking hold on the ever changing music scene in London. Late 1968 saw this happen with the birth of the
Morgan Blue Town label and along with it the LP releases by Pussy, Orange Bicycle and Motherlight.
Unfortunately Morgan Blue Town and Morgan Records were to last only approximately another year due to two major factors. Firstly most of the acts were studio based bands who would find it hard to promote the records and play live shows due to job commitments and secondly, to be honest the label did not attract enough attention to warrant their continuance.

It is now October 2009 and we are happy to re-introduce and re-launch the Morgan Blue Town label again. November 2009 will see a new CD called "Truly this Must Be Heaven! An Introduction To
Morgan Blue Town".
November 2009 will also see a CD double disc issue of the "Pussy – Pussy Plays" record with bonus material by Fortes Mentum a band that featured Pussy members Danny Beckerman & Barry Clark. More CD releases will follow, please keeping checking the website, you can buy Morgan Blue Town CDs at

We are also pleased to report we are now tied into a joint venture with the wonderful Record Collector magazine to re-issue very limited edition vinyl LPs as close to the original pressings as possible and these can be ordered from Record Collector magazine direct. The first release is a re-pressing of the wonderful Pussy – Pussy Plays LP with more to follow in the future. Please contact for further info.

Reviews on the first Limited Edition Vinyl Pussy Plays.

"…By the way, I got the Pussy LP in the post, the design / quality and attention to detail are absolutely jawdropping! It's one of the best records I came across this decade! The presentation, the certificate, that beats those people at "Vinyl-on-demand" by far.."
Mr Chuter (Record Collector customer)

"Pussy" LP arrived today. Pretty impressed with the pressing, textured sleeve etc. My copy was ordered on 2 Oct and is number forty, which would suggest that they're not being mailed out in numerical order (and would also indicate that the complete run has already been manufactured)...?
Overall, I'll give it a respectable 9 / 10. Looking forward to Red Dirt!
(Record Collector customer)


Red Dirt Pussy Orange Bicycle The Smoke
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The Academy  Motherlight Wil Malone

The Wilson Malone Voiceband

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Fortes Mentum      
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Orange Bicycle

Flower pop psych monsters The Orange Bicycle were made up of Robb Scales on Vocals, Wilson Malone on Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Mellotron and Vocals, Kevin Curry on Drums and Bernie Lee on Guitars. Through the sixties they had a handful of singles including the classic chart topper “Hyacinth Threads” and went on to release the album Orange Bicycle in 1970.

The Smoke

Possibly the most well known of the Morgan Blue Town bands The Smoke owed much of this to their classic track “My Friend Jack”, A well known psychedelic slab. Originally known as R&B band The Shots in 1967 (with additional guitarist Phil Peacock) as the music scene moved on so did the band and a name change saw their single My Friend Jack (eats sugar lumps) banned by the BBC for obvious reasons.
The Smoke
were Mick Rowley on Vocals, Mal Luker Guitar, Zeke Lund Bass and Geoff Gill on Drums.

Fortes Mentum and Pussy

Fortes Mentum delivered and released three killer 45s in the late sixties including the great freakbeat 45 “She’s Got Eyes That Tell Lies” and "I Can't Go On Loving You". Band members Danny Beckerman & Barry Clark also formed the studio band Pussy while still being involved with Fortes Mentum.
They conceived the idea for Pussy and started writing the first track "Come back June". “After we finished this track Monty Babson and others at Morgan Studios gave us the go ahead to finish the Album.” states Barry Clark who then went on to find musicians to make up the rest of the band.
Again during studio down time the record was slowly put together with G.E.A.B. being a studio jam. Pussy Plays is now regarded by many a record collector as one of the finest U.K. psychedelic LPs of it’s time with copies changing hands for large sums of money.

Red Dirt

It would seem that York had quite a bit going for it musically and the band Red Dirt produced one of the best progressive Blues records of the time! Made up of Steve Howden on Guitar, Steve Jackson on Drums, Dave Richardson on Vocals and Ken Giles on Bass, Red Dirt cut one self titled record for Fontana Records before disbanding. The Red Dirt album is now another holy grail to record collectors the world over.


Wilson Malone is quite a heavy hitter when it comes to producing, recording and composing music having worked with artists as diverse as  Black Sabbath and Hard-Fi, any and his own releases are as heavy, with two mighty fine records Motherlight and Wil Malone. Again the Motherlight record was recorded at Morgan Studio in what is commonly known as down time with the publishing rights to the tracks going to Monty Babson as the studio time was being provided for free. Motherlight featured the multi talented Malone on Vocals, Keyboards and Drums with the rest of the group made up of Morgan studio engineers Mike Bobak on bass and Andy Jons/Johns on guitar. The Motherlight record sold okay, while the Wil Malone LP was withdrawn for some reason after a few months on sale. Either way two great albums again from the Morgan studios.